“So you areā€¦ the Tech Scouts?”

Yes, this is how people like to call us. We are three young smart and enthusiastic students: Carola (22, Economics Student, Genova), Alessandro (25, Mechatronic Engineer, Finale Ligure & Torino) and Lorenzo (22, Computer Science Student, Torino).

“What are you doing here?”

Well we could say we go to meetings and write reports, but what we really do is we are helping our country taking its first steps in this new and fast moving world of innovation and technology. Our goal is to make our companies understand what the Silicon Valley really is like, with its pros and cons, and what it takes to come here. Maybe some will realize it is too hard if you do not believe in what you do and will give up, but maybe others will understand this is the right moment to take THE decision.

“Why do you have a blog?”

Because SHARING is the key. We will be sharing on these pixels the ups and downs of this amazing experience with all of you people of the web.

Comment and ask us anything!

the Scouts.