Cosimo Spera,  Chair

Cosimo.SperaI am a seasoned executive and a serial entrepreneur. I am currently the founder and CEO of Minerva CQ, a collaborative intelligence company. I founded Beebell a start-up that is defining the new generation of social networks and online/offline relationships. I was the Head of Predictive Analytics Group for DecisionView (acquired in 2012 by IMS Health) where I developed a new predictive approach to address the recruitment challenges in Clinical Trials.  I was also the founder and CEO of Zipidy, a company that provides mobile services to nomadic users. I launched iPark, the first solution that allows drivers to locate available parking on-street and pay the meter through the cell phone. Previously I served as Chief Supply Chain Officer at Finmatica  (FNMT) where I led the definition, development and go to market strategy for their new suite of supply chain software products. I started my entrepreneurial career as CEO of Saltare, the first start-up to fill the gap between planning and execution in the supply chain. I have been recognized by blue chip customers and analysts for my vision in the “adaptive enterprise” and the use of agent technology to build adaptive planning software solutions. In 2002, Saltare merged with Vizional.

I graduated summa Laude from the University of Siena and Yale and I hold a PhD in Operations Research. I have been a Fulbright Chair Professor at the University of California at Berkeley and have taught at the University of Michigan, M.I.T, Columbia University and the University of Siena. I have published over forty referred papers and have been invited to speak at several universities around the world and have been keynote speaker at many international conferences.

I have been a consultant advisor for IMSHealth, ZephyrHealth, BunchBall, Gruppo Tesi and Aizoon.

Giovanni Moraja, Evangelist
Profile photo of Giovanni MorajaGiovanni, Ceo and Design Strategist of Vertical since 2010, has a passion for creating inclusive human-centered digital experiences focused on mental health and accessibility. Vertical is by far the most beneficiary of the Tech scouting project ever. Giovanni had, as intern and hired the first Tech Scout Carola
Pescio Canale in 2014. In 2015 thanks to a Tech Scouting project met Mumble Ideas an Italian digital company. Since then Mumble is a top partner of Vertical in App development for the US Government. Since 2019 he hired for remote work from Milan, Daniel Romano, Silicon Valley Study Tour Alumnus 2018 and guide of 2019 and 2022 Tours.

Massimo Di Giulio, Evangelist

Profile photo of Massimo Di GiulioMassimo Di Giulio, has 30+ years of experience in opening Italian people to the beauties and the environment of California. He has a tremendous amount of testimonials of the trips he led. Since 2015 he has been the pillar of the Silicon Valley Study Tours coordinating the logistics and the contacts to the 400+ Italian Managers and Entrepreneurs, for the 1000+ Italian attendees to the Tours.

Nicolò Borghi, Evangelist

borghi_sitoNicolò Borghi, after several trips to Silicon Valley, he co-founded Creonomy, a software start-up with a mission to create online collaboration tools for creative professionals. In addition to his passion for web apps, Nicolò is keen on social business. He co-founded the Hub Milano, the first Italian center for social innovation. The Hub is an international network of spaces and people who promote and support social innovation and enterprise. Before entering the start-up world, Nicolò attended the Italian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad and graduated from Bocconi University. Silicon Valley Study Tour Alumno.

Alessandro Balossino,  Techscout

balossino_sitoI attended the Polytechnic University of Torino where I achieved a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in 2011 and a master’s degree in mechatronics in 2013, developing my final project at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. I am passionate about robotics and start ups, and I hope to have my own successful company in the future.
I am a Silicon Valley Study Tour Alumnus and Italian “cyberaster” for Forbes in 2022.
Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for Aitek, Abirk,, Darts, Impara in 2013.

Carola Pescio Canale,  Techscout

pescio canale_sitoI am Bachelor degree in Economics at the University of Genova. I grew up in an entrepreneurship environment, following my mother’s steps around the world. I am strongly passionate about technology, -especially mobile devices- and photography. I am always open to new roads and opportunities.
I am a Silicon Valley Study Tour Alumnus.
Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for Confindustria Genova in 2014 and for Aitek, Abirk,, Darts, Impara in 2013.

Lorenzo Tassone,  Techscout

tassone_sitoI am computer scientist at the University of Torino with specialization in networks and systems. I am interested in computer security and cryptography.
I am a Silicon Valley Study Tour 2013 Alumnus.
Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for SAET Group, ASTELAV and WebWorking in 2013.

Marco Piraccini, Techscout

marco piracciniMaster degree in Computer Engineering in 2013 at University of Bologna. I have a strong passion for technology and I would like to get to the bottom of what makes a startups a big and successful company. I was a tech scout for Onit and Orogel and my aim was to create a bridge between these companies and SV companies, find innovative solutions and study the most dynamic and powerful model of IT business that characterize the outstanding world of Silicon Valley. I am a Silicon Valley Tour 2013 Alumnus.
Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for ONIT Group and Orogel in 2013.

Gabriele Gerbino, Techscout

GerbinoI’m a Telecommunication Engineer from the University of Catania, with a focus on Computer Networking. My passion for technology has driven me to continuously challenge myself in order to push up my limits, achieving industry certifications and obtaining great results in local, national and international competitions. I am a “Silicon Valley Study Tour” 2013 Alumnus and “La Storia nel Futuro” member.

Elena Petrucciano, Techscout

704307_10151183810864597_631475220_oI am a marketing consultant and a growth hacker with an entrepreneurial spirit. I worked in a multinational company and in several marketing agencies in Italy. I am now working on my own project in San Francisco.
I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor and Master degrees in Business and Management, Roma Tre University, and I am a Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009 Alumna.

Lorenzo Niola, Techscout

niola sitoMotivated, open-minded business student & advisor for a rehab start-up with an eye for innovation and hi-tech. I am MSc in Business Administration at Piemonte Orientale University. I’ve worked for the Minister of Interior in the financial unit within the Province of Novara, I have also analyzed and reclassified the Financial Statement of DiaSorin S.p.a., a world leader of immunodiagnostic kits for clinical research labs. My goal is to combine my knowledge and experience in the Venture and Informal Venture Capital sector, to develop the right ideas and push the companies improving the records of accomplishment of their tasks. I am a rugby coach for children team and love coffee. I am a Silicon Valley Study Tour 2013 Alumnus.

Silvia Fichera, Techscout

fichera_sitoI’m master Degree in Telecommunication engineering at the University of Catania. I’m good in organization and managing hard situations where a strict scheduling is needed. I practice archery and it teached me to focus always on every kind of target without distraction.
I’m a Silicon Valley Study Tour 2013 Alumna.

Riccardo Pietrobon, Techscout

riccardoMarketing coordinator at AIESEC in Venice, a local committee of the biggest student run organization in the world, I am very open-minded and I love challenges.
After obtaining the Bachelor’s degree in Economics, I moved to California, where I spent 12 months (08/12-08/13) in San Luis Obispo, working as a web marketing editor for an e-commerce company. During that time, I had the chance to get to know lots of different people and merge deeply into the California life style.
I enjoy watching and playing sports (especially basketball, soccer and tennis) and I am a basketball referee since 2010.
I am Master in International Management at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Giacomo Carrozza, Techscout

giacomo_carozzaIn doing things during my life I have been driven by my passions. They led me to collaborate with Google, to be an English Language Teacher in China, to do a MasterLab in one of the most innovative Italian Startup Accelerator, to collaborate with the Silicon Valley Study Tour project, to enrol in a MSc in Business Administration in Rome, to co-found the coworking openspace “Talent Garden Genova”, to co-organize the “Startup Weekend Genova”, to be a Licensee for a TEDx and a Mentor for the “Lean Startup Machine Rome” event and even more things.
My passion is now driving me toward this awesome experience in Silicon Valley and I’m doing my best in order to catch this opportunity.
Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for NexToMe in 2014.

Guglielmo Del Giudice, Techscout

Guglielmo Del GiudiceBusiness lawyer expert in a wide range of corporate and commercial law. Background on strategy development, and new technologies investment management. Prior to iLevels, he had successful experience in blue chip companies such as Fendi and IBM. He holds a graduate degree in law from the University of Perugia and an MBA in business law from the Luiss Business School in Rome.
Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for iLevels in 2014.

Vladimiro De Luca, Techscout

Vladimiro De LucaHe is responsible for software development activities. His previous experience includes software development in several European-founded and government related projects, IT consulting, system administration, development of web-based enterprise applications, content management systems and mobile software.
His interests are related to wearable technologies, mobile platforms and distributed and service oriented architectures.
Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for DSmart in 2014.

Sebastiano Morando, Techscout

Sebastiano MorandoIn my life I always followed two passions: volunteering and IT. I did volunteer for the Emergency Verona Group and for several Community-supported agriculture projects (called G.A.S. in Italy). I worked for the IT Company OpenInnovation as a front end developer since 2008. In 2012 I founded a startup called ‘Bioloc’ with the purpose to connect local organic farmers with their customers.
Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for Bioloc in 2014.

Daniele Galante, Techscout

Daniele GalanteI’m willing to take part in marketing projects where I can contribute with value and experience, which I have been acquiring along the years, and consequently learn the particular operating marketing strategies developed by the firm. I’m now currently building a start-up which aims at operating in the advertising and social responsibility sectors. The latter has been prized in a National competition organized by Microsoft and Telecom Italia Settembre 2011 – Dicembre 2012 Evaluation, planning and execution of all the activity linked to real estate sale. Definition of commercial strategy, research, selection, team broker coordination, customer relationship assistance.
Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for Helperon in 2014.

Michele Signoretto, Techscout

Michele SignorettoFrom high school desks to the faculty of Environmental Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, I’ve always looked for contests in which I can develop and satisfy my curiosity and creativity. I’m passionate about Design, particularly about Web Design and along the years I’ve been keeping myself up to design innovations. I haven’t decided yet what my “grownup job” will be, and I haven’t found great answers to my doubts in the faculty environment, but I’m sure about one thing: I want more than a job, I want to create something of my own. In 2012, when I was 20, I created and founded my first startup in which I put my graphic and web design competences to test.
Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for Tuttoferramente in 2014.

Marco Bosio, Techscout

FB_IMG_1429283287911IT student from University of Turin, I try everyday to connect my different passions: new technologies, Web Journalism and Basketball. I’m working as programmer while i’m attending university and i’m looking every day for new stimuli for growing up. Silicon Valley means the opportunity to take a challenge and try to do something special for others and me. In 2012 I helped to develop the Tools For Autism Android App, collaborating in a team of child psychiatrists and psychologists from Mondovì Hospital, graphic designers from Politecnico di Torino and computer programmers from CSP. Now i’m looking for a challenge, for exceeding my limits.

Cofounder of Silicon Valley Espresso, the Tech Scouting Team born in 2015. Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for Environment Park, Caffè Alberto and Mumble Ideas in 2015.

Nicolò Mattia Pollara, Techscout

pollara IT student graduated in Industrial Engineering and Management. I am interested in Hi-Tech and movies. I am interested in Hi-Tech and movies. I would like to become an account: I love mediating between customers and developers.

Cofounder of Silicon Valley Espresso, the Tech Scouting Team born in 2015. Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for Environment Park, Caffè Alberto and Mumble Ideas in 2015.

Viviana Laura Pinto, Techscout

viviana pintoMathematician, graduating in Stochastics, Data Science and Networks. In my free time, I play volleyball as well as training a team, I travel around the world and I dive into literature.

Cofounder of Silicon Valley Espresso, the Tech Scouting Team born in 2015. Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for Environment Park, Caffè Alberto and Mumble Ideas in 2015.

Claudio Russo, Techscout

claudio russoI’m an English and Spanish-Italian translator. My passion towards language led me to apply for a PhD in computational linguistics right after graduating: at present, I’m working at a detailed tagset for a massive italian monitor corpus of computer-mediated communication.

Cofounder of Silicon Valley Espresso, the Tech Scouting Team born in 2015. Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for Environment Park, Caffè Alberto and Mumble Ideas in 2015.

Francesco Traversa, Techscout

francesco traversaStudent of Economics, marketing branch. I hope to become manager of an innovative company.

Cofounder of Silicon Valley Espresso, the Tech Scouting Team born in 2015. Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for Environment Park, Caffè Alberto and Mumble Ideas in 2015.

Vittorio Traversa, Techscout

vittorio traversaI’m interested in social business, regulation studies, brand identity and environmental impact. I like people, football, books, my cat, red wine and travelling. I hate slow computers, horror movies and going to bed early.

Cofounder of Silicon Valley Espresso, the Tech Scouting Team born in 2015. Tech Scout in Silicon Valley for Environment Park, Caffè Alberto and Mumble Ideas in 2015.