Tech Scout Project supported by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Companies:  NexToMe
Tech Scout: Giacomo Carozza
Schedule: August – November 2014

The Tech Scout Giacomo Carozza, supported by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, will be doing Business Development in Silicon Valley for it’s company, NexToMe. He will be in charge of finding the right partnerships and collaborations.


NexToMe is an innovative indoor positioning and navigation system. Thanks to NexToMe it is possibile to know one’s position in enclosed spaces and to know where one is in real time. NexToMe combines the most advanced precision (patented technology) with services that could suit all needs, all presented through a modern interface.
The company from Bari, Puglia region is one of the first, already prized in Europe, to apply i beacons to cultural sites and events (Museums, Shows…) . Thanks to the project the company could make a benchmark with the competitors present in the Valley, adjusting its business model.