Tech Scout Project supported by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Companies: Helperon, Tuttoferramenta, Bioloc
Tech Scout Team: Sebastiano Morando (Bioloc), Michele Signoretto (Tuttoferramenta),  Daniele Galante (Helperon)
Schedule: August 2014 – January 2015

Sebastiano Morando, Michele Signoretto and Daniele Galante, supported by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, will be doing Business Development in Silicon Valley for Helperon, Tuttoferramenta and Bioloc. They will be in charge of finding the right partnerships and collaborations.


The start up in phase of incorporation from Verona – Veneto region, could share ideas of its project in the field of Social entrepreneurship with the expertise present in the Valley, focusing better its business model.


The marketplace in home appliances already present in e commerce European market, based in Verona, with more than 200 thousands items, had the opportunity to share ideas about its business model with different operators to enlarge its business scope.


Bioloc, marketplace for local organic food based in Veneto region, had the opportunity to deep the relevant business in USA and California in particular, to improve its business model.