Tech Scout Project supported by 2 Piemonte companies

Companies:  Environment Park, Caffè Alberto
Tech Scout Team: Nicolò Mattia Pollara, Viviana Laura Pinto, Claudio Russo, Marco Bosio, Francesco Traversa, Vittorio Traversa
Schedule: July 2015 – September 2015


Environment Park is a Science and Technology Park that encourages cleantech innovation by working with enterprises that aim at environmental sustainability to develop new business opportunities.


Caffè Alberto is a Turin-based coffee-roasting company established in 1961 by Alfredo Alberto. Currently run by his son Corrado and their associate Valerio Anzola.

Alfredo’s passion towards coffee beats in an innovative factory located in the industrial belt of Turin. Over the years, Caffè Alberto has been repeatedly awarded by national and international bodies: last but not least, the degree of “Taste Master” bestowed by Turin’s Chamber of Commerce in fall 2014.

Tech Scout Project supported by 3 Piemonte companies

Companies:  Astelav, SAET group, WebWorking
Tech Scout Team: Lorenzo Tassone, Cosimo Spera
Schedule: August – November 2013


Astelav, founded in 1963 as Technical Service Center, is now a leader in Europe as a distributor of spare parts for home appliances. At its Vinovo, Italy headquarters, Astelav developed its own integrated logistics system, acclaimed as one of the most ingenious and efficient.


Saet Group is a global leader in induction technology and applications, including induction heating solutions.
SOLAR: new furnaces based on induction technology.
SAPPHIRE PROJECT: processing of LED, optical equipment, display covers, hard disks.
HYPERTHERMIA: application of heat to solid tumors.
WITRICITY: wireless energy transfer using induction technology, including its main application for the recharge of electric vehicles .


WebWorking develops multiple web-based graphic products. Its core business is the creation of Web Sites and portals, videos and banners.
goBrain.it,  a division of WebWorking  serves as a Think Tank, or Business Accelerator to help implement your ideas. Inside the goBrain.it  network one will find VCs, startuppers, professors and other smart people.