Emilia Romagna

Tech Scout Project supported by 1 Emilia Romagna company

Company:  Mumble Ideas
Tech Scout Team: Nicolò Mattia Pollara, Viviana Laura Pinto, Cluadio Russo, Marco Bosio, Franceso Traversa, Vittorio Traversa
Schedule: July 2015 – September 2015


Mumble is a digital startup that creates innovative and digital project. Synergistic departments cooperate with each other in order to build high-tech content solution compose their team.

Tech Scout Project supported by 2 Emilia Romagna companies

Companies:  ONIT group, Orogel
Tech Scout Team: Marco Piraccini, Cosimo Spera
Schedule: October 2013 – January 2014


ONIT Group works in the field of information technologies and provides corporate management and organization consulting services.
Our services: Web based healthcare solutions for private and public solutions;  On.Plant, a  proprietary SW platform capable of optimizing the workflow, managing internal and external logistics;  Business Unit totally devoted to projects and services for Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Business Performance Management, Business Process Management and Business Activity Monitoring.


OROGEL is a high quality brand, recognized and appreciated by consumers, that  offers products grown and harvested in Italy. OROGEL works with competence  and passion, from farming to processing following seasonal cycles and respecting the natural environment. Our Group has chosen to produce its foods in Italy, enhancing the specialties of our peninsula. Our close ties with our members and the collaborative relationship between the farming division and production system are the true added value of our Italian Group, open to the World.